Will you do it?

The truth is, every word you speak has power

to build or destroy hopes and dreams,
to restore or cause loss,
to heal or break the spirit,
to bring delight or despair,
to bless or curse—
for God’s Word says: that

death and life are in the power of the tongue.

So stop lining your words up with the negative circumstances.
Instead, start lining your words up with God’s Word
and release the power of His Word to work for you.

Instead of speaking lack and poverty,

say: “God’s Word tells me that the good things are already here.
I therefore pronounce my life blessed.
I pronounce my life successful.
I pronounce my life great.
Darkness and gloom, poverty and sickness,
defeat and depression, will not be in my life!”

Instead of speaking sickness and death,

say: “I will live long. I will not die young.
Jesus died young for me so that I can live long for Him.
I am the righteousness of God in Christ
and God’s Word declares that no evil befalls the righteous.
So no evil will come on me now and in the future!”

Will you do it?