Motorcycle Fellowship - The BROTHERHOOD Of JESUS

Rick Busch

  Hi!  I'm Brother Rick   

  And that's my dog Lucky!  He Rides Too!

I've been riding motorcycles for over 45 years.  I like to spread the Good News! about Jesus, and testify about how GOOD The God Of Heaven IS, and has been to me.


I want to instill hope in everyone I meet, to believe that Father (Daddy) God is faithful, He loves us, and He forgives... no matter what mistakes we've made!  He keeps His promises, and He makes everything - the good and the bad, so much better if we will just trust Him and invite Lord Jesus, His Son, into every part of our lives!

I AM a first hand witness to this Truth!  Just ask me, if I haven't already told you first!

- I also try and help out my wife Elaine with "Hospitality" -  when she lets me...


You know, this is what I used to think: It was kinda' like my Father in Heaven would say to me, "Hey Rick, I know what you did last week, I know what you are doing today, and I know what you are going to do tomorrow..."( I'm talking the "wish I hadn't done that" junk )  Then He would put His arm around me and say "It's okay, We'll work on that... I Love you anyway!  C'mon!  Let's Hang Out!"   But I was wrong...

It's even better - You see, YES... He loves me anyway, yes... He wants me to want to be with Him, and by His Grace, He helps me WANT to do better... and Then He even HELPS me do better too!  BUT there is even more...

He doesn't even see my faults, my "wish I hadn't done that junk"!

He sees JESUS and the finished work at the Cross!  All because of what Jesus did for you and me - once and for all - and because I believe it and accept it by Faith -
I know I am the Righteousness of God in Christ Forever!
What a difference this makes!


I love to invite everyone I meet to come and visit Our Church, and experience the difference that IS... "Our Church".  The  Belleville Lighthouse Worship Center!

We're  the  perfect  church...  for those who  AREN'T!

...and That's Me!!

but His Grace and Holy Spirit is changing that!


We're just getting started.  And I hope our Motorcycle Fellowship -THE  BROTHERHOOD Of  JESUS will grow.  Let's make a difference in our community, and in the lives of "riders" everywhere - especially our own - while having fun doing it!


Please join me... You don't have to be a member, you don't have to attend Our Church.  Just come and "hang out" and fellowship with good people doing good things, having fun, and enjoying the ride !


With Fire in His eyes, He said "Will you ride?" And I said "yes Lord! I will ride with You!"




"yes Lord! I will ride with You!"

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