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Parable: The Workers in the Vineyard
August 26, 2020, 6:57 PM

This evening (8/26/2020), we studied Parable 34 from Swap Meet Dave's Outline.  This parable talks about The Workers in the Vineyard where the Kingdom of Heaven is compared to a landowner who hires workers to work his land.  An agreement was made to pay the workers 1 denarius for the day's wages, REGARDLESS of how early or late they started working.  For example, the workers who started early in the morning and worked 12 hours earned 1 denarius and the workers who started late in the evening and only worked an hour earned 1 denarius.  And everyonE was OVERPAID!

We need to understand this parable is really talking about salvation.  God paid a steep price to make sure we all have the same opportunity to come to know his son Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior.  No matter if we show up early (as a child) or late (on our death bed), we can always give our life to Christ and join God in Heaven.

It is dangerous to compare our journey and timing to anyone else's.  What if God had paid all of us the wage we deserve? DEATH.  We should not be proud expecting more blessings, opportunities, riches or any other good gift from God just because we accepted him early in life.  And, we should not expect less good gifts from God if we accepted him later in life.  We are all God's children. Joint Heirs.  Sometimes our work is on earth. Sometimes it is in heaven.  Many times it is in both.  Regardless of timing, God gives to all of us as he sees fit, according to his purpose as we are called.

Something to ponder: Do we identify as early or late starters?  How does this affect how we see, talk about and treat others?

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