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Parable: The Shrewd Manager
August 19, 2020, 6:00 PM

Tonight (8/19/2020), we studied Parable 32 from Swap Meet Dave's Outline.  This parable talks about The Shrewd Manager who was called into question for "wasting" his masters "possessions."  The manager's job was threatened.  So his response to this threat was to lower the bills of those who owed his master.  He was hoping to gain favor with the debtors so that when he was fired, they would help him out.

And first, we need to understand being shrewd is not a bad thing.  A simple Google search explains shrewd as sharp judgement, intelligent, clever, alert, and astute.  Surely these are all great qualities to have.

We know that we should use our financial positions for God's work.  When we financially support churches, ministries, missionaries, we are providing a means to keep The Great Commission going before people who might not otherwise make it into the Kingdom of God.

Therefore, when the Shrewd Manager lowered the bills of the debtors it might appear he was dishonest and shorting his master for his own gain.  And he was! But in doing so, the master was able to collect on debts that he may not have seen any payments (we don't know).  Even though the master still fired the manager, he commended him for his shrewdness at the end in dealing with the debtors to benefit both himself and his master.

Something to ponder: Are we using our resources (money) for God's work?  Could we do better?

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