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We Made It!

The ZAC Lovelace Gym and Youth Center IS a reality!

I have Amazing and Wonderful News! 

We closed on the Youth and OutReach Center Recently!
We have already been cleaning and repairing the facility!  Hooray!

The repairs have taken a substantial amount of the funds that were to be used for the purchase down payment.  There is still lots more to do... and we still NEED HELP!


God is so good to us!

As part of the Lighthouse ministry we will be able to have this campus for children and teens... to go along with our recovery and outreach ministries... that will reach thousands.

Some have given...  Thank You so much!  Would you consider trusting God to bless you even more for giving again?  Many were unable...  Maybe now...  this time, is your time...  your time to trust God to bless you, as you bless this ministry with your gifts and support...  your time to make a difference... please help now.

If your not familiar with what our vision and calling is all about... we minister... with the love of Christ... to troubled teens... families... single parents... those struggling with addictions and other difficulties... and so much more.

Please send this tax deductible donation to:

The Lighthouse Church
16650 Sumpter Rd
Belleville, Michigan   48111
  -  Also, you can

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... to donate online.

Thank you, I just know we can do this!

Learn More About ZAC Click here

Our congregation is very concerned about the youth and others in our community and we want to help them! 



All Proceeds Will Go To The Belleville Lighthouse Building Fund.


Here's Your Chance

  To Make A Difference!

 Please Donate Today... 


Watch This Video to Understand the Problem...
Our Own Youth Speak Out -





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These Teens Live and go to School in OUR COMMUNITY...

If You Watched the Video, Now You Understand the Problem...

You can See... We Need to help...

PLEASE HELP US... help them.

  - to donate above.
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Meet  Our New Church - OutReach - Community - Youth Center!

16650 Sumpter Rd
Belleville, MI 48111

We Are So Excited For What This Can Mean To The Youth, The Community And  Our Members!

Please Help!

  Make a Secure Donation - Top Left Under To Donate Now!

As We Said...

Our congregation is very concerned about the youth and others in our community and we want to help them! 


With adolescent suicides and attempted suicides on the rise, as well as addictions and abuse, we can't sit back and do nothing about it. 


You see, for decades, Our Church - with inadequate funds, has been reaching out to help countless people, young and old, with all types of things.  Addiction, abuse, food, supplies, you name it.  Whether they attended our little church or not.


We have been called by God to expand and build this Youth/Community Center  at our humble site, as a beacon to people young and old.  A place where they can gather to find salvation & hope, and have fun... while learning about the God that loves them.


For several years we have been raising money to do just that.  Though it was almost overwhelming and beyond possibility... considering our limited resources and space, we believed God's promise to do the impossible, if we continued to step out in obedience for Him!

At times, it almost looked hopeless, as we trusted Him to somehow clear the roadblocks, work out the details, and abundantly provide.  This was for His Honor and Glory!

We have much appreciated your help and prayers as we have continued to move forward in this vision.

Please Help!

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Read the New

Ministry & Business Plan
for the future
Lighthouse Church
Community & Outreach Center

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Fun Stuff!

(2014 - 1 Year Before Purchase) This is a picture of our church steeple.  Last summer it was raining.  I was in downtown Belleville and decided to follow the rainbow and this is where it landed.  I just wanted to pass it onTerri Black



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