Hospitality Director

Elaine Busch


Sister Elaine has a Passion and a special way for hospitality.  As Hospitality Director, She loves to welcome newcomers to Belleville Lighthouse Worship Center with her warm smile, cheerful voice, and a twinkle in her eyes.  She gives genuine hugs, and treats visitors and regulars all the same!


Sister Elaine says, "This is not about me, I'm working for God -  in His House and for His family."  Pastor Jim always says that "our brothers and sisters in Jesus are our REAL family", and she continues to do her best to make that true at the Belleville Lighthouse Worship Center.

If you don't know Jesus yet, she will draw you in while pointing to Him.  Sister Elaine will make you want to be part of our family... and join us in loving Him and each other in our Father's House, and in every day life.


As We Always Say...

The first time you visit us, you're our guest...

After that, You're Family!    laugh

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