BREAK FREE !! Before Christ I was a different person...

Before Christ I was a different person...

This person was my old self, but that person died. And my life is now hidden in Christ.

This does not mean that I will never stumble, or fall back into old habits.

But I will call them what they are, old habits of the old person who has been crucified with Jesus and is no more!

Jesus didn't just die for us, He died AS us.

"But I'm still struggling..."

That is not your true self, your true self before God, in God's eyes, is the Man at God's right hand. (Jesus)

Even when I fail, His love for me will not!

I AM who God says I AM!

Holy. Pure. Blameless. Righteous.

Not because of anything I've done, but because of what Jesus has done.

Does that mean we just indulge? Of course not. Fall back into His arms, and He will cause you to walk in victory. Amen!

Thank you God, my mistake does not define me. My past does not define me. Shame has no place in my life.

Sin shall not have dominion over me, because I AM under Grace.

Grace has given me the power to: