Yvonne Craiger

My name is Yvonne.  I’m an average, peculiar person like you.  God knew me before I was made.  He formed me, set me in my mother’s womb and breathed life into me.  I was born into this world in Detroit in the 1960’s.

We were a church-going family but did not know God nor did we experience His love and grace.  In 1976 God breathed life into my spirit and I was born into His kingdom.  I knew then that God was, is, more than my church experience; more than the hollow traditions of religion.  I knew He had a plan for me.

Looking back, now, my mentor in Christ was always saying I’d be a deacon in the church.  Even then I had a heart to serve, to help.  At that tender age I started teaching toddler Sunday School class and held my first fundraiser for needy children; raising a whole $36!

In 1979 He baptized me in His Holy Spirit.  He empowered me and manifest gifts in me.  Some gifts come and go as He asks me to move in them -- others remain and He enriches them in time -- always for His use to bless His body or witness to those He’s calling.

As Deaconess, my ‘job’ is in service, in Helps Ministry.  God has brought me through many things in my life.  With each victory, each struggle, each gift, He has taught me to be grateful and to comfort others with the comfort I have received from Him. (2 Corinthians 1:4) I pray you heed His call, stir up the gift(s) He has given you, forgive me when I err, and stand fast, with me, in His service.

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