Bob Lafferty

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Meet Bob Lafferty, our Pastor, and former Associate & Youth Pastor.  He was born October 31, 1964 (this date reveals nothing about his character) in Wayne, Michigan.  He graduated from Lincoln High School in Ypsilanti and in 1983 he joined the Armed Services where he was stationed in Germany for five years.  Pastor Bob currently is the Maintenance Supervisor in charge of an apartment complex in Taylor, MI.

 Bob's interests lie in the outdoors where he can be surrounded by the beauty of nature God has given us to enjoy.  He loves fishing and hunting and has been involved with the Boy Scouts in a leadership capacity for over 9 years where he can share his love of the outdoors, honor, and family.  Bob is a man who honors his word.
He has a "can do" attitude and always follows through with his commitments. No matter how difficult the task or how short the deadline, Pastor Bob will be the first to volunteer and will see it done.

Fun With Pastor Bob!  Have hose, WILL Baptize




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Pastor Bob began working with the youth at the church in January 2005, and was ordained as Youth Pastor.  He and his wife, Tina, are highly motivated and committed to sharing God's love with young people and this is apparent in all they do.  His desire is to become a full-time minister in time.

His vision for our church is to see the youth in our church mature and remain in Christ, to reach the lost youth of our community, and to build a youth center where teens can come together for fellowship, experience salvation, and learn and grow in Christ. 
If anyone can be noted as truly possessing a servant's heart, it is both Pastor Bob and his wife of more than 25 years, Tina.  They serve faithfully along side each other with true love and compassion for the youth.  They are the proud parents of one son, Bobby.  Their tireless dedication and commitment to the body of Christ is worthy of recognition and honor.

Youth Pastor

Devin Mousseau

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Hello, I am Pastor Devin Mousseau.  I was born October 2nd, 1989 to Donald and Sheila Mousseau.  I have two older brothers and one younger sister.  I started going to church here at the Belleville Lighthouse at seven years old.  At age twelve I gave my heart to Jesus Christ.  By age thirteen I knew the direction God wanted me to go.
It was prophesied to me that I would be a pastor.  Also that same year I met my wife, Kelly.  We dated for for six years before we married on January 24th, 2009.  Through my teenage years I grew in my relationship with God and knowledge of the Word under the leadership of Pastor Jim, Pastor Perez, and Pastor Bob.
While attending Truman High School in Taylor, I was involved in the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps., Boy Scouts, and played on various sports teams.  I developed a love for sports, teamwork, and hard work.  Through these programs I was placed into many leadership positions teaching me what it means to be leader.
I could see very easily sometime in my late teenage years that God was preparing me for ministry, and in January of 2011, I stepped into the role of youth minister.  I spent two years learning and growing in the things of youth ministry.
After high school, I attended University of Detroit Mercy for two years.  I work full-time at Kroger as a manager, but would love to be a full-time Pastor one day.  On July 26th, 2013 God blessed me and my wife with our first son, Devin II.
On August 23rd, 2013 I was ordained Youth Pastor of the Belleville Lighthouse.  My vision for this youth ministry is a group of young people on fire for God, so charged up- and in desperate pursuit of the things of God!
A group where young people of all walks of life and backgrounds can come and feel loved and accepted, and then become transformed by the grace, love and mercy of God.
I long to meet the brokenhearted, rejected, forgotten, lonely and hurting... so I can introduce them to a God who cares for them.  I want to build a team that exercises youth ministry in all facets:
  • Music, dance, theater, preaching , teaching and evangelism.
  • A team that reaches out to the community and becomes the hands and feet of Jesus!
I know I still have a lot to learn and a long way to go, but I look forward to the plans God has for me and my family.


Robert (Bob) Kennedy

Robert Kennedy does not like Titles (Prophet).  He would do away with being called Prophet.  Yet, the Title is correct - and Scriptural.  God, through the Holy Spirit has brought forth powerful wisdom, Biblical knowledge, insight and discernment, among many other fruits of the Spirit that cannot be denied.

Prophet Bob, in his gentle, "regular guy" (or "country boy" as he would say) way, enlightens us with the loving Truth.  HE PROVES WITH SCRIPTURES, JUST HOW MUCH POWER IS ALREADY IN EACH OF US.  By unlocking the REAL meaning of the Word, we discover that "Supernatural" is the way of life we are meant to live everyday.

The Bible message comes alive!  Seemingly simple, or complicated scriptures become something powerfully simple and clear, yet deep, tremendous and useful!  As PROPHET BOB EXPOSES THE DYNAMIC INTENTION OF GOD, we get excited to realize that WE ALREADY HAVE ALL OF THIS MIGHTY POWER IN US --NOW-- TODAY!  Most of us just don't know how to ACCESS this POWER.

And how can we use for God, what we think we still need?  The TRUTH is, we already have ALL the fruits given, to BE ALL THINGS TO ALL PEOPLE.  We lack nothing.

We have to learn how to believe that this is true, and practice letting the Holy Spirit show us more.  Come and join us, as Prophet Bob Leads the way, one scripture at a time!  You'll be glad you did!


Michael (Mike) Elrod

Youth Minister

Kelly Mousseau

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Hi. I’m Kelly Mousseau.  I’m one of our church’s Youth Ministers, along with my husband, Devin.  We met in this church in 2003.  Unlike Devin, I wasn’t brought up in this church.  My background was quite different.

I was raised in the Catholic church and schools.  When I was 15, I first visited Belleville Lighthouse Worship Center.  Shortly after that I was saved… I gave my life to Christ.  The church youth group kept me involved in the church.

As I matured I became involved more in the ministry aspects of the group than just attending activities;

  • creating dances for the dance team
  • writing dramas and skits
  • and helping out where ever I could

I have been part of the Youth Praise and Worship Team for some time.

My vision as a Youth Minister is to see our Youth Center built and packed out with kids of all ages!  I want to get our youth fired up for God, prepared to stand strong against the struggles of the world.
“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.” 1 Timothy 4:12.
When I am not working with the youth group, I work at Mercy Memorial Hospital in Monroe where I am a RN on a medical-surgical unit.  I love helping people, especially helping them grow spiritually.

Hospitality Director

Elaine Busch


Sister Elaine has a Passion and a special way for hospitality.  As Hospitality Director, She loves to welcome newcomers to Belleville Lighthouse Worship Center with her warm smile, cheerful voice, and a twinkle in her eyes.  She gives genuine hugs, and treats visitors and regulars all the same!


Sister Elaine says, "This is not about me, I'm working for God -  in His House and for His family."  Pastor Jim always says that "our brothers and sisters in Jesus are our REAL family", and she continues to do her best to make that true at the Belleville Lighthouse Worship Center.

If you don't know Jesus yet, she will draw you in while pointing to Him.  Sister Elaine will make you want to be part of our family... and join us in loving Him and each other in our Father's House, and in every day life.


As We Always Say...

The first time you visit us, you're our guest...

After that, You're Family!    laugh

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Church Administrator

Tina Lafferty

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Sister Tina is amazing!

Besides being the wife of Pastor Bob, and a mom with a full-time career, Sister Tina keeps the bills paid and many other important "behind the scene" things in order.  The Belleville Lighthouse Worship Center is blessed to have her serve in such an important role!

With a key role on the Praise and Worship Team, she also tirelessly continues to serve by singing and playing keyboard for Praise & Worship at Wednesday Night Bible Study, and through the entire Sunday Morning & evening Worship Service!  Other services too!

A quiet gentle spirit... with Fire in her eyes!

Thanks Sister Tina!

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Motorcycle Fellowship - The BROTHERHOOD Of JESUS

Rick Busch

  Hi!  I'm Brother Rick   

  And that's my dog Lucky!  He Rides Too!

I've been riding motorcycles for over 45 years.  I like to spread the Good News! about Jesus, and testify about how GOOD The God Of Heaven IS, and has been to me.


I want to instill hope in everyone I meet, to believe that Father (Daddy) God is faithful, He loves us, and He forgives... no matter what mistakes we've made!  He keeps His promises, and He makes everything - the good and the bad, so much better if we will just trust Him and invite Lord Jesus, His Son, into every part of our lives!

I AM a first hand witness to this Truth!  Just ask me, if I haven't already told you first!

- I also try and help out my wife Elaine with "Hospitality" -  when she lets me...


You know, this is what I used to think: It was kinda' like my Father in Heaven would say to me, "Hey Rick, I know what you did last week, I know what you are doing today, and I know what you are going to do tomorrow..."( I'm talking the "wish I hadn't done that" junk )  Then He would put His arm around me and say "It's okay, We'll work on that... I Love you anyway!  C'mon!  Let's Hang Out!"   But I was wrong...

It's even better - You see, YES... He loves me anyway, yes... He wants me to want to be with Him, and by His Grace, He helps me WANT to do better... and Then He even HELPS me do better too!  BUT there is even more...

He doesn't even see my faults, my "wish I hadn't done that junk"!

He sees JESUS and the finished work at the Cross!  All because of what Jesus did for you and me - once and for all - and because I believe it and accept it by Faith -
I know I am the Righteousness of God in Christ Forever!
What a difference this makes!


I love to invite everyone I meet to come and visit Our Church, and experience the difference that IS... "Our Church".  The  Belleville Lighthouse Worship Center!

We're  the  perfect  church...  for those who  AREN'T!

...and That's Me!!

but His Grace and Holy Spirit is changing that!


We're just getting started.  And I hope our Motorcycle Fellowship -THE  BROTHERHOOD Of  JESUS will grow.  Let's make a difference in our community, and in the lives of "riders" everywhere - especially our own - while having fun doing it!


Please join me... You don't have to be a member, you don't have to attend Our Church.  Just come and "hang out" and fellowship with good people doing good things, having fun, and enjoying the ride !


With Fire in His eyes, He said "Will you ride?" And I said "yes Lord! I will ride with You!"




"yes Lord! I will ride with You!"

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